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The Metaphor City
Silk and Metal Carpets
from the Qing Dynasty
The Wings of the


Silk and Metal Carpets from the Qing Dynasty
The Dragon of Heaven Lotus Flowers Pomegranate Flowers The Golden Lotus
Pomegranate and Lotus The Guardian Lions The Dragon and The Pomegranate Flowers The Flower of Buddha
Vishvavajra and Pomegranates Dragons, Ocean and Golden Clouds The Dance of the Phoenix Clouds, Waves and Dragons
Five Dragons The Dragon and the Flaming Pearl The Noble Eightfold Path Mille-Fleur
Buddha Flower Lattice Peonies, Bats and Dragons Flora
The Garden of Blossoming Pomegranates The Treasures of Literati Jiulong The Golden Palace on Mt. Meru
Dragon and Phoenix Clouds and Lions The Golden Palace Tianlong
Clouds and Dragons Nine Dragons Ten Thousand Happinesses and Five Dragons White Lotus
The Jewel in the Lotus The Red Lotus The Hundred - Flower Garden The Garden of the Endless Summer